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Kettlebell Movement Review Title Featured

Kettlebell Movement Review & Interview

Kettlebell Movement Review Title

In case this is the first article of mine you’ve ever read, you should know I’m a big fan of kettlebells due to their effectiveness as a fitness tool. Last year I did a massive comparison review of several major kettlebell brands, and in that review I suggested Kettlebell Movement as a resource for instruction in basic kettlebell exercises. I discovered them when I was searching for information as a kettlebell newbie and I found the simple yet concise instruction provided to be extremely helpful.

In addition to the basic instruction, Kettlebell Movement offers an online Kettlebell Gym that provides advanced instruction and access to hundreds of kettlebell-specific workouts. Since I recommended them as a resource, I figured I should dig deeper to see what the online gym is all about.

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Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebell Review Title

Vulcan Absolute Training Kettlebell Review


I recently had an opportunity to get my hands on a Vulcan Absolute Training kettlebell from Vulcan Strength Training Systems and I jumped at the chance to do a review. This line of kettlebells occupy a unique niche in the crowded kettlebell market – sized for kettlebell sport but intended for the non-sport market. As such, they offer a competition-sized package without the competition-sized price. Are they worth considering as an addition to your home workout arsenal? Read on to find out!

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Steve Cotter – Kettlebell Training – a Review

A brief review of Kettlebell Training by Steve Cotter, with an emphasis on the book’s usability as a reference resource for kettlebell training.

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