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American Barbell T-Grip Shorty Bar Review - Title Picture

American Barbell T-Grip Shorty Bar Review

Full review of the T-Grip Shorty Bar from American Barbell

The Ultimate Kettlebell Comparison Review - Featured Pic

The Ultimate Kettlebell Comparison Review – 2019 Edition

Everything you ever wanted to know about kettlebells, all in one place. An update for 2019 is in the works!

Used properly, kettlebells can serve a unique place in your home fitness arsenal as an efficient way to stay mobile, strong, and fit. They’re also great for supplementing movement rehabilitation work on a path toward injury recovery or performance improvement.

I’ve used many major brand of kettlebells, including experimenting with a homemade kettlebell made out of plumbing parts. My goal is to have the most comprehensive kettlebell review available online, so if you’ve been looking for real-world feedback on cast-iron kettlebells in general or a specific brand in particular, read on.

Fringe Sport Hybrid Bar Review - Featured Picture

Fringe Sport Hybrid Bar Review

The Hybrid Bar is a great all-around barbell that could easily take the place of multiple higher priced barbells. Unless you’re a high level athlete, this bar could very likely be the only one you need. Seriously.

CFF Physio Ball Review - Featured Pic

CFF Physio Ball Review

The Physio Ball from Christian’s Fitness Factory provides lots of therapeutic benefit in a small package. It looks a bit like a medieval torture device, but don’t let the look fool you – it actually feels really good for use on stubborn tissue.

Rogue Hi Temp Bumper Plates Review - Featured Picture

Rogue Hi Temp Bumper Plates Review

Rogue Fitness Hi Temp bumper plates can be used and abused in the most demanding home fitness settings and will likely outlast your will to use them.

Christians Fitness Factory Keystone Bar Review - Featured Picture

CFF Keystone Bar Review

The CFF Keystone barbell offers Olympic lifting features and performance normally found at a much higher price point. The spin is incredible, the whip is great, and the soft knurl makes this bar easy on the hands for high-rep sessions.

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