2019 Black Friday Fitness Equipment Sales

Black Friday Fitness Equipment Sales - Featured Pic

Black Friday is Coming...


Black Friday 2019 is November 29!

Black Friday is hands down the best time of the year to purchase fitness equipment.

Many of the companies making the best gear like Rogue Fitness, Fringe Sport, American Barbell, Kettlebell Kings, and others have better deals on Black Friday than any other time of the year. If you've been looking for equipment, apparel, shoes, etc, I've got you covered. 

I'll be listing last year's sale info till new details are available. Check back regularly, since I'll be updating the list as 2019 Black Friday fitness equipment deals are announced!

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Kettlebell Kings Black Friday Deals

Kettlebell Kings specializes almost exclusively in kettlebells, and as a result they are making some of the best products available for home fitness as well as kettlebell sport.

If you've been thinking of buying some kettlebells, Black Friday is a great time to pick up some quality kettlebells at a great price!

Kettlebell Kings will be offering tiered discounts depending on how much you spend on Black Friday, starting at 10% off store-wide! The sale starts at midnight on Black Friday and will run through Monday. 

Kettlebell Kings Black Friday Sale

GetRXd Black Friday Deals

GetRXd is putting out great equipment at reasonable prices, with a huge selection of equipment. 

They're running an enormous sale for 2018, including significant savings on their Xebex line of rowers, treadmills, and assault bikes!

Here are some of the top picks:

Galvanized Racks (galvanized makes it suitable for outdoor use, much better against rust than powder coat): https://www.getrxd.com/gcf-sprkhdt.html
We also have this 15' and 12' tall outdoor rig: https://www.getrxd.com/galvanized-outdoor-titan-rig.html

And have it in powder coat too: https://www.getrxd.com/powder-coated-outdoor-titan-rig.html

Xebex Air Rower: https://www.getrxd.com/xebexrower.html

Xebex Runner: https://www.getrxd.com/ctt03xebexrunner.html

Xebex AirPlus Expert Bike: https://www.getrxd.com/xebex-variable-resistance-air-bike.html

Foam Plyo: https://www.getrxd.com/3-in-1-soft-plyo-boxes.html

Garage packages with rack, rower, bike, and more:


GetRXd Black Friday

Fringe Sport Black Friday Deals

Fringe Sport is absolutely killing it in terms of quality versus cost with the equipment they're putting out. I have several pieces of Fringe sport gear and it's all stuff I use on a regular basis.

This year's Black in Black Friday sale will be a storewide sale of up to 50% off on select items, including lightning deals every day leading up to Black Friday:

  • 11/19 - First Lightning Deal at 12pm CT. Very limited quantities.
  • 11/20 - Second Lightning Deal at 12pm CT. Very limited quantities.
  • 11/21 - Third Lightning Deal at 12pm CT. Very limited quantities.
  • 11/22 - Fourth Lightning Deal at 12pm CT. Very limited quantities.
  • 11/23 - Black Friday pricing is live at midnight CT.
  • 11/26 - Cyber Monday Lightning Deals every hour starting at 9am CT. The last deal will be at 5pm CT. Very limited quantities.
Fringe Sport Back in Black Friday

Rogue Fitness Black Friday Deals

Rogue Fitness typically runs one sale a year, dubbed "Matte Black Friday".

In addition to gear deals, they typically offer a 5 for 5 deal where you can have five pieces of equipment shipped for five bucks. Not bad!

Matt Black Friday is on! Rogue Fitness is running several Black Friday promos this year and they are already live on the website:

  • 5 for $5 - Five items ship for $5! 
  • Hundo pricing - Buy more, save more!
  • Hot Deals - New Lightning Deals every day through Friday! 
  • MBF Exclusives - Unique one-off pieces of equipment made specifically for Matte Black Friday!

Vulcan Strength Black Friday Deals

Vulcan Strength makes fantastic strength training equipment as well as some innovative kettlebells. I own several pieces of Vulcan Strength gear, including kettlebells, bumper plates, and a powerlifting bar. All of it is top notch stuff and they deserve more recognition than they usually get. 

The Vulcan Strength Black Friday sale is on! Vulcan Strength is running a tiered discount sale, where the percentage discount is determined by the total dollar amount in your shopping cart. The greater the dollar amount in the shopping cart, the larger the discount applied to those specified items.

Here are the discount tiers:

  • 7% ($0 to $1,000)
  • 10% ($1,001 to $2,000)
  • 12% ($2,001 to $3,000)
  • 13% (3,001 to $4,000 + Free Shipping)
  • 14% ($4,001 to $5,000 + Free Shipping)
  • 15% (5,001 and up + Free Shipping)

In addition, there are lots of individual items that are on sale. Some of the best deals are on Olympic bearing barbells at 20% off, and Absolute Competition KG bumper plate sets at 25% off. 

American Barbell Black Friday Deals

In my opinion, American Barbell is currently making the highest quality made-in-USA barbells you can buy. American Barbell usually has a sale once a quarter, but their Black Friday sale is by far the best. 

The American Barbell Black Friday sale has started and runs through 11/30! Here are the top 5 deals:

  • Mammoth Power Bar - Only $495 + Free Shipping!
  • Classic Gym Bar - Only $250 + Free Shipping!
  • Desert Sand Cerakote Training Bar - Only $250 + Free Shipping!
  • Save 20% on T-Grip Shorty Bar + Free Shipping!
  • New Battle Bench - Only $400 + Free Shipping!
American Barbell Black Friday Sale

Rep Fitness Black Friday Deals

Rep Fitness doesn't stock as diverse a selection of gear as some of the other companies on this list, but what they do have is good quality at a great price.  

The Rep Fitness Black Friday sale has started early, with sales on specific items as well as bulk discounts ranging from 5%-15% depending on how much you spend!

Rep Fitness Black Friday Sale

Onnit Black Friday Deals

Onnit is probably best known for supplements, but they do have a line of unconventional fitness gear as well. I have several steel maces and a set of wooden clubs from Onnit that I use frequently.  

The Onnit Black Friday sale starts 11/22 at 9pm CST and runs through 2am 11/29! Here's just a few of the deals you'll find:

  • 25% off Supplements
  • ​20% off Foods
  • 18% off Fitness Equipment
  • 30% (and up) off Apparel
  • 30% off Personal Care
  • 50% off Books & DVDs
  • Up to 66% off DOORBUSTERS and amazing FREE GIFTS with purchase 
Onnit Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Titan Fitness Black Friday Deals

Titan Fitness is known for offering lower cost versions of the same gear made by other more well known retailers. Not all of the equipment is worth your money, but some of it is a great deal. 

Titan Fitness will be running a 15% off sale site-wide, starting on 11/23 and running through 11/25!

Titan Fitness Pre Black Friday Sale

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Amazon stocks a TON of fitness equipment, and they always run daily sales and Lightning Deals leading up to Black Friday. 

The weekly deals have started, check them out!