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Why You Should Train Kettlebell Sport - Featured Picture

The Benefits of Kettlebell Sport Training

Over the past decade, kettlebells have exploded in popularity. They are hailed all over the fitness world as a great way to build strength, increase endurance, and improve cardiovascular health for people of all ages and fitness levels. These are all great benefits of regular kettlebell training, but they don’t have to stop at the amateur level. Kettlebell Sport can take the rewards of kettlebell training to a whole new level.

Olympic Bumper Plate Buyer's Guide - Title Picture

Olympic Bumper Plate Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know to make an informed choice when purchasing Olympic bumper plates!

Rogue Boneyard Bar Reviews - Title Pic

Rogue Boneyard Bar Reviews

Barbells are expensive, and Rogue Boneyard bars are a tempting option for those of us on a budget. Should you buy one? Read about my experiences first, then decide for yourself.

New Years Resolutions are for Chumps

New Years Resolutions are for Chumps!

It’s that time of year again, where people magically assume that a lifetime of bad habits can be magically transformed because we “resolve” to. As if! We all should know by now that life doesn’t work that way.

Full disclosure, this is a lengthy post. But, I think it’s worth your time to read, it could mean the difference between a healthier you this year versus more of the same old same old.


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Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist - Featured Pic

Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist

Don’t be a victim of the Fitness Industrial Complex. Take control of your own fitness by unleashing your inner mad scientist.

Combining Kettlebells and Barbells

Level Up Your Strength by Combining Kettlebells and Barbells

There’s a lot of information available online these days on the topic of strength training. The sheer amount of information can be overwhelming, especially for someone new to the topic. It really doesn’t need to be complicated. Learn to push and learn to pull. Move often. Eat right. Everything else will fall into place.

Okay, so it isn’t quite  that simple. But almost. A strength training routine doesn’t need to be fancy, especially if you’re not focusing on bodybuilding or muscle hypertrophy. I don’t focus on either of those. I just want to stay mobile, age gracefully, and leave a good looking corpse.

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