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Rogue Fitness Competition Bumper Plates Review - Title Picture

Rogue Fitness Competition Bumper Plates Review

Rogue Fitness Competition Bumper Plates are a solid and well built option for anyone wanting IWF-spec weights for training purposes.

Assault Air Runner Review - Title Pic

Assault AirRunner Review

The Assault Fitness AirRunner is a treadmill for people who hate treadmills. I should know, I hate treadmills and I’ve never been a big fan of running.

Titan Fitness Barbell Gun Rack Review - Title Pic

Titan Fitness Barbell Gun Rack Review

I was in the market recently for a barbell rack to keep my barbells off the floor. The Six Barbell Gun Rack from Titan Fitness turned out to be a great purchase and I’m very happy with the end result.It looks great and the price is the best I could find for a UHMW-lined barbell rack.

Vulcan Strength Absolute Training kettlebell reivew - Title Pic

Vulcan Strength Absolute Training Kettlebell Review

The Absolute Training kettlebells from Vulcan Strength Training Systems fill a fairly unique niche in the crowded kettlebell market – competition-style kettlebells aimed at the home fitness crowd. Single-piece steel construction, standard sizing between weights, and a full powder coat finish make these kettlebells a very attractive alternative to traditional cast-iron kettlebells for home use.

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Best short barbells for home use - Reviews - Title picture

The Best Short Barbells For Home Use

I have limited space to work with in my home gym, which limits what I can do with a full size barbell. Thankfully several companies offer “shorty” Olympic bars, which are great for use in confined spaces.

Obviously tradeoffs have to be made to achieve the shorter length. However, a good short barbell can still meet the needs of most home gym lifters.

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