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The Best Short Barbells For Home Gyms

Is your home gym space a bit tight, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of a full-size barbell? Worry not, my fellow fitness fanatics! Several companies offer “shorty” Olympic bars, perfect for those confined spaces.

While some tradeoffs are made for the shorter length, a high-quality compact barbell can still meet the needs of most home gym lifters. I’ve personally bought and tested every short barbell from every major manufacturer to find the absolute best options for your limited-space home gym.


Bells of Steel Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar Review

The Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar from Bells of Steel is a versatile and budget-friendly strength training tool. It’s perfect for pressing exercises, offers various workout possibilities with its cable attachment, and has a unique arch shape for enhanced muscle activation and stability.


DIY Lat Pulldown and Seated Row Machine

Learn how to create a DIY lat pulldown and seated row machine at home using your existing power rack, with a list of materials needed and tips on how to measure for the right cable lengths.


Bells of Steel Open Trap Bar 3.0 Review

Level up your deadlifting game with the Bells of Steel Open Trap Bar 3.0.
With its open design, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and natural grip that is perfect for deadlifts and other back and leg exercises.
The built-in deadlift jack makes loading and unloading plates easy and eliminates the need for an additional piece of equipment.
Say goodbye to awkward bar grips and hello to gains!


Bells of Steel SS3 Safety Squat Bar Review

If you’d like to make heavy squats more accessible and easy on your neck and shoulders, then a safety squat bar is a must-have for your home gym.

I recently had the opportunity to test the premier SS3 Safety Squat Bar from Bells of Steel, and I can confidently say that it delivers on its promise to improve the squatting experience of lifters with mobility issues.

It’s also great for non-competitive powerlifters looking to improve their overall squat form.

Keep reading to learn more about this must-have piece of fitness equipment.

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Rogue R-3W Folding Rack Review

The Rogue R-3W folding rack is an excellent piece of equipment for any home gym, but especially for those of us who are tight on space.

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