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DIY Lat Pulldown and Seated Row Machine

Learn how to create a DIY lat pulldown and seated row machine at home using your existing power rack, with a list of materials needed and tips on how to measure for the right cable lengths.

DIY Lifting Platform - Featured Pic

DIY lifting platform

Build your own lifting platform using materials from your local hardware store

DIY Impact Massager - Featured Pic

DIY Impact Massager for under $60

Build a DIY impact massager like the TimTam or Theragun for under $60 in parts

How to Hang Gymnastic Rings - Title and Featured Pic

How to Hang Gymnastic Rings

A while back I went through a bodyweight training phase and during that time I decided to buy a pair of gymnastic rings. I initially hung the rings from a doorway-mounted pull up bar but wasn’t satisfied with that setup because it didn’t offer enough height. I decided to mount the rings from my ceiling instead, using some wood and hardware from Home Depot.

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Build Your Own Balance Board

DIY Wobble Board for Faster Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation


Build Your Balance with a Balance Board You Build

I had the misfortune of rolling my ankle at the end of July 2016, so all experiments involving physical activity came to an abrupt halt for a time. I wish I could say I rolled it doing something cool, but I can’t. I was stepping off the edge of my garage (a height of about 1.5 inches) while carrying a large cumbersome box and my foot somehow landed wrong. Danger lurks everywhere! After an initial period of following the RICE protocol (rest, ice, compression, elevation), I spent the next two days alternating between application of ice and heat to help keep the swelling to a minimum. After that, the focus was on getting back on my feet as quickly as possible, both literally and figuratively. My research led me to a quirky tool called a wobble board, read on to learn how to build your own and how I used mine to help rehabilitate my sprained ankle.

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