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Best short barbells for home use - Reviews - Title picture v3.0

The Best Short Barbells For Home Use

I don’t have a lot of space to work with in my home gym, which limits what I can do with a full size barbell. Thankfully several companies offer “shorty” Olympic bars, which are great for use in confined spaces.

Obviously tradeoffs have to be made to achieve the shorter length. However, a good compact barbell can still meet the needs of most home gym lifters.

Rock the Bells - Single Kettlebell Workouts - Featured Picture

Free Kettlebell Workouts

Short kettlebell workouts you can do at home with just one kettlebell – kettlebell HIIT workouts for beginners and intermediates in 20-40 minutes.

DIY Lifting Platform - Featured Pic

DIY lifting platform

Build your own lifting platform using materials from your local hardware store

Home Gym Essentials - Build A Basic Home Gym - Title Pic

Home Gym Essentials

No need for a garage full of expensive equipment, learn how to build a basic home gym that meets your needs, space constraints, and budget.

Barbell Buyers Guide - Title Pic

Olympic Barbell Buying Guide

Everything you need to know to make an informed choice when purchasing an Olympic barbell!

Vulcan Strength Urethane Bumper Plates Review - Title Pic

Vulcan Strength Urethane Bumper Plates Review

Vulcan Strength Urethane Bumper Plates are a great alternative to rubber bumper plates, especially for those sensitive to strong odors.

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