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Single Kettlebell Workouts - Featured Picture

Short Kettlebell Workouts You Can Do At Home

Short kettlebell workouts you can do at home with just one kettlebell – kettlebell HIIT workouts for beginners and intermediates in under 30 minutes.

Rogue Hi Temp Bumper Plates Review - Featured Picture

Rogue Hi Temp Bumper Plates Review

Rogue Fitness Hi Temp bumper plates can be used and abused in the most demanding home fitness settings and will likely outlast your will to use them.

Christians Fitness Factory Keystone Bar Review - Featured Picture

CFF Keystone Bar Review

The CFF Keystone barbell offers Olympic lifting features and performance normally found at a much higher price point. The spin is incredible, the whip is great, and the soft knurl makes this bar easy on the hands for high-rep sessions.

Gopher Performance HexCel Bar Review - Featured Picture

Gopher Performance HexCel Bar Review

Trap bars (aka hex bars) are great for making deadlifts more accessible, mainly because they make the lift much easier on the back and spine.

I was recently looking to add a trap bar to my home gym, and I happened to stumble upon a company called Gopher Performance offering exactly what I was looking for – a rackable trap bar with dual handles.

They call it the HexCel bar, and the product certainly lives up to the name. Read More…

The Salt Fix Review

The Salt Fix Review

A review of The Salt Fix by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, including a Q&A with Dr. DiNicolantonio on salt consumption and issues with studies done on salt.

Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebells Review - Featured Picture - Tested

Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebells Review

Full review and unboxing of the competition steel kettlebells made by Kettlebell Kings, including an evaluation of the new handle design introduced in 2017.

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