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Simply Fit Board Review – Functional or Fad?

Simply Fit Board Review by Fitness Test Lab

The Simply Fit Board is one of the hottest selling fitness products available at the time I write this. Everyone wants one of these things, and it seems like every store is getting in on the act. I knew it was a hot commodity when I even saw them for sale in Home Depot!

My wife was intrigued by it, so we bought one for her to use. She graciously let me borrow it for a lab test, so let’s find out if it lives up to the hype, shall we?

Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board

 Price Check

What is the Simply Fit Board?

In a nutshell, the Simply Fit Board is a plastic balance board intended  to help tone muscles and burn calories while improving your balance. The primary exercise consists of standing on the board and “twisting”, with the lower body rotating one way and the upper body rotating the other way.

There are other exercises that can be done on the board,  consisting largely of body-weight exercises made harder through the use of what is essentially a wobble board. The DVD covers the basic twisting motion as well as the other body-weight exercises. More on the DVD later.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Simply Fit Board is the result of a successful Shark Tank pitch. So not only is it a Simply Fit Board, it’s a Simply Fit Board as seen on TV!


To be honest, when I first heard about the Simply Fit Board I wrote it off as another entry in a long line of fitness gimmicks. The gym locker of history is stuffed with gear that promised everything while delivering nothing, why would this be any different?

However, in the interest of science I put my skepticism aside and approached the Simply Fit Board with an open mind.

Usability: the board

As mentioned previously, the primary use of the Simply Fit Board board is for twisting. I gave it a go, and was actually surprised at how difficult it was to get the hang of at first.

I found myself traveling forward with the board while twisting, which I’ve learned is a result of not being properly balanced on the board.  From the Simply Fit FAQ:

Q: Why’s my board moving around on the floor? A: This is common at first, but usually works itself out quickly. You’re moving because you’re just slightly off balance and may be leaning forward or to one side. This normally stops in about a week or two when you get a feel for it. But if you start to move, simply tilt the board back slightly to re-center it. Focusing on one spot in front of you helps, as well as keeping your back straight and head up.

Twisting on the Simply Fit Board felt a little silly, but once I got the hang of it I have to admit it was also kind of fun. One of my coworkers in the gym with me tried it and said “hey, this is cool! It’s like surfing!”

Never having surfed myself, the closest analogy I can think of is that it sort of feels like balancing on a skateboard.

Usability: the DVD

The DVD that comes with the Simply Fit Board offers several extra exercises and six workouts designed to help extend the usefulness of the board. Some of the exercises are rather creative and admittedly hard to do when using the board.

I’ve sprinkled some GIFs captured from the DVD content throughout this review to give you a  sense of what some of those exercises look like. I tried a few myself, and I can attest to the fact that using the Simply Fit Board brings a whole other level of difficulty to the exercises by adding a balance element.

Simply Fit Board Wood Choppers

Simply Fit Board Wood Choppers


The Simply Fit Board is made of a firm but pliable colored plastic that has some flex to it. The flex was a little disconcerting when I first stepped on the board because I thought I might break it, but the board held up just fine.

The weight limit of the board is 400 pounds and I only weigh 170, so I was well under the weight limit. The Simply Fit Board is very light and easy to carry under one arm.

Simply Fit Board Spiderman Planks

Simply Fit Board Spiderman Planks


At the time I write this, the Simply Fit Board can be purchased for $39.99, which includes the DVD. Personally, I think the cost is a little high but I won’t begrudge an entrepreneur trying to make a few bucks.

This device is ingenious in its simplicity, and as long as you don’t abuse it the board is likely to last a long time.

Simply Fit Board Screaming Bridges

Simply Fit Board Screaming Bridges


The Simply Fit Board is a very accessible exercise tool.  I can see pretty much anyone benefiting from using one, especially because it is so low impact in terms of stress on joints.

It helps with balance and it does work the core muscles and legs as claimed.

The DVD provides a decent amount of exercise instruction and programming beyond the basic twist, which is nice.

The Simply Fit Board doesn’t take up very much storage space, always a big plus for those of us who work out at home.

I also like that it’s easy to use while watching TV or working at a standing desk, which makes it more likely to be used often.

Simply Fit Board Plank Walks

Simply Fit Board Plank Walks


The Simply Fit Board is fun, but fun is fleeting. Granted, I already have a regular workout regimen so I may be biased, but I have a hard time seeing this as someone’s primary exercise program.

While fun and effective, in my opinion there isn’t enough depth and variety in the Simply Fit Board and DVD programming to keep someone engaged for more than a few months.

You’ll likely need to supplement the workouts with other forms of exercise.

Simply Fit Board Plank Crossovers

Simply Fit Board Plank Crossovers

Bottom Line

The Simply Fit Board is an intriguing fitness tool and I like it a lot. The fun factor is high and it does work in terms of working the core and improving balance, and the ease of use makes it very accessible.

However, there’s only so much you can do with this board, so consider using it as a supplemental workout rather than as your main exercise regimen.

The Simply Fit Board will also serve well as a fitness gateway drug for someone looking for a simple  way to start exercising.

Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board

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About the Author Mario

I'm a software product manager with a full-time job, family, and a desire to stay strong, mobile, and fit. I separate fact from fiction to find the most effective and affordable options for home fitness. If you'd like to build your own home gym, start here.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Yay, Im going to use as a gateway!

  • Deb Norbraten says:

    I have the “turntable type” of exercise board that I’ve had for several years. What is the improvement with this balance board on which you do the same twisting motion as you would do on the older circular one? Tell me why I should buy the board as opposed to just go ahead and finish using my circular exerciser?

    • Mario says:

      I have a wobble board as well, and it serves a different purpose for me. If you can do these same exercises on the wobble board, then more power to you because that takes a lot more balance than the simply fit board does!

  • elizabeth says:

    what type of flooring or base is best to use the board on?

    • Mario says:

      Any firm floor space will do, although personally I’d avoid using it directly on a wood floor to avoid the risk of scratching it. If you have wood floors then I suggest putting down a mat or rug and using the board on top of it.

  • Nancy says:

    This is fun and good exercise for folks not interested in major workouts like CrossFit.

  • Ann says:

    Can I use the Simply Board for the same results as the “Cubii”?

    • Mario says:

      Different products, likely with different results. The Simply Fit board is more of a core workout whereas the Cubii looks like it would mainly work your legs.

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