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Fringe Sport Sword Mace Review

Fringe Sport Sword Mace Review - title pic

Hot off the metal press and into my hands is a brand new Sword Mace from Fringe Sport!

Yes, I said “Sword Mace”.

Confused? Then read on…

Fringe Sport Sword Mace

Fringe Sport Sword Mace

Price Check


Looky here! It’s a brand new product category from the folks at Fringe Sport.

Frankly, I think the quarantine is making them crazy over there, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Born out of the ashes of fallen gyms comes a new weapon in the war against flab – The Sword Mace.

There are three models to pick from, with two paying homage to the great cartoon swords from our wasted youth.

Namely, the Sword of Omens from Thundercats and the Sword of Power from Masters of the Universe.

Fringe Sport Sword Mace Review - Sword inspiration

See a resemblance?

Let’s make one thing clear- these swords are NOT weighted like fitness maces.

Fitness maces have a heavy iron ball attached to a pipe – so the weight is heavily weighted towards that iron ball.

These swords have the weight more evenly distributed, although the majority of it is centered in the handle and hilt.

Omens Mace Sword

Fringe Sport Sword Mace Review - Omen 01.JPG

The Omen is hefty!

The Omens sword mace is well made and even though it’s only 7 pounds its heftier than I thought it would be.

I’m not quite sure how I’ll use this thing yet but it seems like too much fun not to use as a workout finisher.

LOL “finisher” – get it? Because it’s a sword?? Ah, never mind.

Anyway, the Omen measures 46.5″ long, so it’s a little too long to swing wildly indoors.

Best take this one outside boys and girls.

Fringe Sport Sword Mace Review - Omen 03.JPG


The handle on the Omens sword is knurled, but not all the way to the sword hilt.

There’s about 1.5″ of handle left un-knurled, which kind of bugs me. I’d like to see the knurling go all the way to the hilt on version 2.0 if possible, just to make choking up on the handle even more awesome.

I don’t want this thing slipping out of my hands when I’m imagining myself hacking through zombie hordes.

Fringe Sport Sword Mace Review - Omen 04.JPG

Lookin’ silly and I don’t even care

Bottom line

So I’m not totally clear yet on how I’ll use a Sword Mace, but they have potential. I’ll be updating this review once I’ve had more time to play with these things.

In the meantime, if you have any questions ask me in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Fringe Sport Sword Mace

Fringe Sport Sword Mace

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